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About Me

Hey 👋🏽

My name is Shivan. I write code, do a little bit of product thinking, and wrangle a ton of data.

I also like to make things ⚒️

Here’s some stuff I’ve made:
AvailableForWork - Job Tech
AvailableForWork is a little job board for candidates and hiring managers in South African tech to find each other.
API Explainer - Developer Tools
Give me some code, and OpenAI magic will try to explain it in readable English.
Graft.Today - Job Tech
Graft was a 2 sided marketplace, matching freelancers in tech (in Africa), with small to medium sized businesses that needed web development help.
Ithute AI - Ed Tech
We tried to build a tutor for every child via WhatsApp, before it was cool.

Sometimes, I write ✍️

On occasion, I moonlight as a writer.
I’ve written for Ritza, and Flanksource - in addition to my usual blog ramblings.

I have a full-time job 💼

I work at Kandua - we’re building the operating system for home service professionals in Africa.